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LINK Reference 2 - DEW beams on record that started the California Fires.   LINK U.S. Pentagon-Mar…
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Donald Trump is the property of Israel.  Trump to be installed as the benevolent dictator and commander&chief under the umbrella of the Russian-Israel Merger.  The Donald has claimed to be the king of Israel  LINK   Since Israel already owns U.S. Congress with 3.2 billion American taxpayer dollars going to Israel each year,  Israel is attempting total control of Trump and therefore total control of the U.S. Military.  That will happen if Israel wins the Pentagon Cloud contract through Microsoft Israel.



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Violent migrants storming borders of Central America, Mexico, and  The States of the Union are under direct threat  unless the border States are secured from communist,  criminal human trafficking elements. Sanctuary cities are intended to house  migrants with embedded Islam. 





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This group is for affirmed American Nationals and declared/documented residents within the State of New Mexico, within The United States of America, for the purposes of communication and collaboration in furtherance of the cause to eventually re-establish the Government of the State of New Mexico within the sphere of the original States of the Union.


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Reference 2 - DEW beams on record that started the California Fires.   LINK

U.S. Pentagon-Mark Esper admits DEW,  all the while blames the Israel,  Russia and China merger while both countries have stolen American technology by Israel-Microsoft which owns the Pentium Intel chip. Israel has control U.S. Congress, while former congressman James Traficante has much to say about this as a national security crisis.   While many nations own DEW,  there is no direct accountability, only plausible deniability provided that is standard protocol anyway.  LINK  The image provided below is  smoking gun evidence that a directed energy weapon  was fired on the West Coast on 9-7-20. A massive discovery by dutchsinse, while observing volcanic activity, when the DEW was fired on the State of Washington on  9-7-20, labor day and  starting a  60x15 mile wide fire  LINK  inside of two hours that is unheard of.   The Creek fire which is north of Fresno started 9-4-20  Now is  the largest single fire in California.  As of 10-19-20 the fire is 60% contained according to the U.S. media which does not explain how no one has put the fire out in 45 days and many displaced people and animals. Link

That is convenient how the Horse Fire was started 10-15-20, zero percent contained and 18 miles south of Prescott right before the arrival of Donald Trump for a campaign stop on Monday 10-19-20.  The same number of firefighters that perished on 6-30-13 While this is mainly about exotic weapons and directed energy warfare. It is now apparent that the communists are now burning Arizona with more frequency.  The Horse Fire cannot be proven to be DEW warfare, without direct access to it.  However, it was readily apparent that ionospheric heaters,  known as HAARP were transmitting frequencies that are a dead giveaway and look like horizontal television bars on the horizon.   A  good way to hold their operators accountable is by using this link which has their GPS coordinates mapped out.  LINK   

Luciferians operate in plain site, and symbolizing their operations marked by red and yellow, their color code for the number 33  to mock Yahushua.  This peculiar fire appears to set a course as a psychological operation warfare tactic devised by the royals, since the Horse Fire is zero percent contained and burning Northwest of Crown King. LINK

The political ramifications are timed perfectly while travelers were basically left stranded in stop and go traffic on 10-18-20 due to accidents, together with the 'new normal' excessively hot conditions.  There  is  no direct access water or food, until Black Canyon City or Sunset Point.  Media access to the Horse fire is completely controlled. Access to the Horse fire is illegal with forced evacuations until 11-30-20 until the order changes. That  spells trouble for people and their animals.  Violations are six months in jail or both $5000 fine, individual or  $10,000 fine organization.  With that type of control initiated that would be an Agenda 20-30 tactic since these tactics are happening in the California weather warefare fire. LINK The communists are reputedly  escalating  their scaler weapons they stole from Tesla,  since the Donald's uncle was a Tesla scientific advisor.  There is  unprecedented destruction, homelessness, and loss of life caused by weather warfare fires and ionospheric heater induces hurricanes that were started with Hurricane Sally,  Laura, and the Delta that caused massive destruction.

The  Yarnell Hill fire on 6-30-13  claimed the lives of 19 firefighters who all perished virtually at the same, except one survivor, Brendan Mcdonough.  Strange how that  lone survivor;  on a distant lookout failed to  communicate with his crew,  to run like hell, and that didn't happen since the firefighters ended up boxed in a canyon.  LINK

It wasn't  firefighter teams that perished at different times working the fire.  All nineteen perished- virtually at the same time.  While they deployed lifesaving fire resistant tents that were like parachutes. When their main canopy failed, they were like deer in a headlight without an exit point or reserve parachutes to deploy. That was it.  Despite a swift official explanation and much ongoing hiding  evidence.  While also reporting that some of the bodies were not even found in their tents in the aftermath of fire destruction.  LINK

Where did the bodies disappear to? Were they vaporized by the firenado? While Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) has cited the Arizona Forestry Division for unspecified negligence, the families or the dead hotshots received remediation payments. LINK  The Hollywood legend making apparatus went into full effect when a major movie went into production thereafter with a theater run timed perfectly just before the California fires in November,  2017. Legend making has around a billion dollar market value and is built on celebrity death faking.  LINK

A. 'firenado' is a variation of a tornado as a swirling vortex  of fire  that is reputedly scaler weapon technology.  There are examples of the 'firenado'  from the Tubbs Fire in Napa Valley,  Santa Rosa Fire, Paradise Fire, or Carr Fire.  LINK  The South Oakland Fire, Yarnell,  Gatlinburg, and Portugal fires were predecessors to the California weather warfare fires.  The same burn signatures are plain as day with structures burned down past the foundations and melted cars while the forest itself was untouched.  This is much  to wrap the mind around where exotic weapons are hitting both coasts  with the destruction of tangible  and intangible property and the weather warfare hurricane Sally that just hit Alabama and Florida on 9-17-20 and many more are lined up. 

The 60x15 mile burn is another smoking gun.  For a quick reference start at 32:00 to the 34:00 min.  It is vital to expose these psychopaths  as soon as possible to protect all life from the affects of the innocuous and highly dangerous smoke now circulating the stratosphere.  Thousands of homes burned down and vast array of hazardous  chemicals from the structure fires.  The petrochemicals of thousands of cars melted down by the heat are now circulating in the atmosphere.  LINK  There are some great references for connecting the dots to the perpetrators and how they benefit. LINK

Scaler weapons were first discovered by Nicola Tesla and  HAARP  is a variation thereof.  Now used as exotic weapons against sovereign nations around the world.. This is more possible from over twenty years of dumping toxic metals such as aluminium that is conduction,  with barium, and strontium into the sky since 1998.   With HAARP, ionospheric heaters that cause drought super drought conditions, such is California,  that make the fires more potent and conductive. Since the USAF is involved in geoengineering;  dumping millions of mega tons on the planet.  Flights from U.S. state airports are authorized by the FAA,  then the tens of thousands of flights by unmarked  USAF geoengineered planes were also authorized by the FAA, or USNORTHCOM.  Without the consent of anyone,  it is a silent&quiet weapons of mass destruction that is also, chemical and biological warfare.  This started in 1996 with Boeing KC-135 conversion planes at Evergreen Airfield,  North of Tucson  and now many other types of geoengineering plane conversions. The USAF is a good starting point to expose  pyro-terrorists.  In Colorado, and Colorado Springs with the new cyber security complex happening.  The intel chip is inside, owned by Israel. While the Pentagon Cloud contract is about to be sealed with Microsoft-Israel.  If that happens,  the States are in big trouble, since U.S.  Congress is owned by Israel, and its army of lobbyists  at  AIPAC with commander and chief Donald Trump, also owned by Israel.  

Ionospheric heaters can manipulate the toxic metals and heat up their properties using the frequency of ionospheric heaters, the now in complete control of the natural weather.  Owning the Weather by 2025 is a USAF document that is the key to weather modification.   LINK

While the warp speed 5g roll out  pushed  by Trump may or may not have an effect from cell tower/death tower frequency manipulation.  5g has been observed as a weapons scenario.  If that is exploited in 36 American cities,   that would be considered chemical, biological, and radiological terrorism,  a silent weapons for quiet war theater. LINK  The geoengineering of toxic metals to ignite the elements such as aluminium.  At the same time geo engineers have been assaulting the natural weather patterns for decades. It would be the same as a piece of aluminium in the microwave that burns when the microwave frequency is turned on.  That is essentially apart of how the California weather warfare fires started.  Its the same in any city.

The weather terrorists are wreaking havoc over the weather systems.  Burning down the west coast at an alarming rate and doing so while inducing drought and diverting low pressure systems that would normally bring in rain off the coast. They are clobbering the States of the Union in a major offensive while their embedded soldiers occupy  U.S. media for misdirection, misinformation, and disinformation.  Broadcasting  'wildfires' when they are not 'wildfires' which is a clever cover word to mask their collective terrorism as the correct term is  weather warfare fires.  The U.S. media controls the narrative to explain away the wildfires to hide their nefarious pyro-terrorism.  The 'wildfire'  is the cover word for plausible deniability.  The news media regurgitates the  'demon embers'  to explain away the cause.  That the demon embers  fly inside suburban homes built with the modern tile roofing systems that are virtually immune to fires overhead.  As reported, it was the 'demon embers' that flew inside the tile roofing, and hot enough burn down the house from the roof,  while the demon embers kept flying in from where ever the flew from.  While the U.S. media virtually ignores the weather warfare fires, except putting it in plain site at Fox News reporting exactly how they are starting the fires with one of their directed energy weapons called Athena.   LINK

The HAARP,  ionosphieric heaters have been identified by  GPS coordinates of the top twenty  HAARP facilities markets worldwide. LINK   At the same time they manufactured all or most of the hurricanes in the States of the Union with Hurricane Sally, as one of  the most recent.  More destruction of tangible property that doesn't make any sense.  The hotel wall facing away from the incoming wind,  where a section of the vertical wall is ripped away effortlessly. In the 'new normal'  everything becomes abnormal.   LINK    LINK 

The referenced image seen below  is a censored black line to coverup their DEW weapon that was fired on 9-7-20  It was fired from the  U.S. state of Oregon,   Malheur County Wildlife Refuge.  There is much more to this since the Bundy occupation happened earlier in Malheur, and was a clever way to control the opposition and fly their company flag.   There is currently COG,  continuity of  government,  their U.S. Inc,  happening in Kingman, AZ, and while it is possible Malheur might also be a COG with a DEW weapons stations, since the DEW was fired from Malheur Wildlife Refuge

This image reveals the coverup using a black censor line covered up by a cyber terrorists when the DEW beam weapon projectile fired on California from Malheur Wildlife Refuge that ignited the fires in the NW part of the State.  The pyro-terrorists could be embedded at an underground facillity in Malheur County,  Oregon or operating remotely  The  image exposure has been boosted to reveal the  black line  intersecting the NW part of the State intersecting with the fires that are indicated.  For current updates see  Stop the crime




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Intel-Pentium Chip-The Israeli Occupation Worldwide

  Donald Trump is the property of Israel.  Trump to be installed as the benevolent dictator and commander&chief under the umbrella of the Russian-Israel Merger.  The Donald has claimed to be the king of Israel  LINK   Since Israel already owns U.S. Congress with 3.2 billion American taxpayer dollars going to Israel each year,  Israel is attempting total control of Trump and therefore total control of the U.S. Military.  That will happen if Israel wins the Pentagon Cloud contract through Microsoft Israel. LINK