Natural Cures and Remedies

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Natural Cures and Remedies

There are lots of natural remedies to help keep us healthy and happy. Let’s share our knowledge to help each other live our healthiest life.

Here is some info for pain management I got out of a book I purchased 

Hi there everyone.  I have been doing some research for a friend of mine that has had chronic sinusitis to the point of bad headaches and the traditional doctors gave her the usual "we have to operate".  So far I've only found CLOVE as a natural decongestant (phlegm is impacted, therefore that doctors suggesting operation).  Does anyone know of any other natural methods to begin to break down the phlegm and avoid the surgery?

Over stimulating the Mucosa from Mucus Acid forming Foods is what causes Inflammation which is like you said the reason for all diss ease within the body... The Body is a huge Chemical Factory and understanding it’s biological design is key in understanding the kind of foods needed to consume that hold a low mucus Base response. All fruit picked ripe has little to no mucous to over stimulate the mucosa, along with all herbs being careful with spicy ones and veggie fruits. Most leafy greens take way too long to digest because we aren’t Herbivores that grind the food with up to 7 stomachs in some cases like horses for example. Eating Meat’s Eggs and Dairy products are highly mucus forming. If you dissect each species (Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore, Frugivore, & Humans) you will notice we are 90% similar to a frugivore species which are that of Orangutan, Chimpanzees and their diets consist of strictly Fruits and Herbs, which can be hard to have an Abundance of nowadays.. We should have fruit trees planted everywhere on this planet ???? I could go on and on but, I’ve noticed going on a nice 10to40 day fast (Detox) on just Fruits and Herbs for the pain of detoxing, can cure most of your basic illnesses very quickly.. We call 40 days on only the darkest Grapes the tumor killer, it will pull the tumor right out of the body naturally without deadly surgery also using a drawing slave in situations like tumor in breasts or neck etc can avoid surgery as well.. thank you

Inflammation is one of the major factors in people's lives, it plaques people from head to toe! 


Ginger, tumeric & black pepper, are major ingredients that counters Inflammation. Any other suggestions to effectively counter inflammation?